Kc Healthmatters


Energy Healing

A reiki treatment is very relaxing experience where the client lies down and I check out the energy chakras. I do not need to touch the client as I am working with the energy aura. I can detect any energy disruption in the body that leads to pain and disease. This gives me a full picture of the whole body, all the skeleton, muscles, organs, endocrine system, nervous system and even if there any emotions that may be holding you back!  I have had great results with neck, back, muscular, joint pain, migraines, allergies, bowel and digestive disorders, ovarian cysts, sleeping disorders, strengthening the immune system. In short an overall health check. You leave with your body in total balance and your immune system working to its full potential.

Emotional Freedom Technique

 Stress is a killer so if there are emotions that are blocking your path to a happy, healthy life, try an emotional freedom technique treatment. This is so simple and easy with amazing results. It is like acupuncture without the needles as we tap with your finger tips on well established energy meridians. This has an immediate effect on reducing the stress chemicals that we allow to damage our bodies. Tapping reduces stress and can have lasting results on our unconscious patterns and beliefs. Let go of that guilt, anger, fear, unforgiving once and for all. You gain control of your body and mind. This simple technique can be used in any aspect of our lives that we wish to change our attitude towards, health, wealth, relationships, previous trauma, weight loss, etc. the one area that I have had fantastic results is my Conquer Horse Riding Nerves Workshops. Check out my workshops for next dates

Magnetic Products

If you believe more in something that you can see, try a magnetic bracelet. I personally offer a 3 month guarantee. These magnets never lose their strength and work on any pain throughout the body. The blood picks up a small amount of the magnetism, so that when that blood returns to the lungs it picks up more oxygen. This helps with any pain relief, healing or simple boosts your energy. I have had brilliant results with arthritis, fibro myalgia, asthma, blood pressure, and any pain related illness. The Brodpod has the added extra of a mic tens machine. This has a world wide patent as it is the first tens machine that works without electric or battery. This awesome inventor Nigel Brodericks bracelets are powered by the sweat of your own skin! They really are a battery charger for the whole body.


My other passion in life is my horses. Yes you guessed it, I offer all the above to treat them. The real advantage of using the reiki and dowsing means I can find where the problem is. It may be difficult for an owner to know if exactly where or what the problem is but I can detect what the problem is. Sacral joint and cranial problems may be difficult to treat, but as I work with energy it can be directed to any level. I have had great results with these problems. Viruses, infections and cysts may take time to detect but I can give you an answer in minutes. If you know there is something not quite right let me help you sort the problem. II travel to your yard so that the horse is happy in its home environment. If I have to travel far,  I charge a little extra for fuel. Have your horse performing to the best of its ability. If you are having behaviour problems make sure your horse is not sore.