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Quotes . I have practiced since (just coming up on 2 weeks) and had felt that my fear started at 10 and dropped to 4 after about 2 days. It was jumping I was afraid of and I did a bit of jumping in the menage at yard and found I was much less fearful. I continued to practice and did a little jump during the week bareback, something I haven't done for about 30 years! I went out today and did a course of 70's and while at the show decided to try the 85's as well. Something I definitely would not have done. I would usually have been so relieved to get the 70's over that would have been it. I had no fear or anxiety. I was genuinely not afraid or anxious at all. I was still amazed at how calm I felt. Usually I feel that I am going to be sick and have to run to the loo several times. I can't usually eat anything before a show as I feel so sick. To day I had tea and chips. My irritable bowel is also gone Quotes
Tapping success with Show Jumping